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List of supporters

“We need Peter Wagenius representing us in the State Senate. He will be very effective in advocating for our city – and for our schools. He will promote equity and inclusion of all in the political process and in the life of our community. The people of the West Bank, Cedar-Riverside and Seward will not be forgotten with Peter in office. Peter will be a State Senator for ALL of his constituents. I’m proud to support him.”

–Hussein Samatar, Minneapolis School Board Member

“What impresses me most about Peter is his integrity and ability to connect with people on all sides of an issue. As we are faced with a daunting failure of leadership in the current legislature, Peter will stand up for the middle and working classes. If I were asked to think of anyone in the district to represent us, Peter would be my first choice – and I'm proud to support him.”

–Clare Sorman, Northeast Resident, Audubon Park

“We have always been impressed with Peter’s capacity to get to the root of the problem and find real solutions. We are looking forward to having his passion and energy representing us in District 59.”

–Rosemary & Jose Velez, Northeast Residents, Windom Park

“Peter is dedicated to supporting and defending our public schools. He will stand up for public education and build coalitions with others to do the same. As the parents of two Minneapolis Public School students, we enthusiastically support Peter Wagenius.”

–Bridget Ferguson, Southeast Resident, Prospect Park Neighborhood

“We believe that Peter’s experience and dedicated advocacy on environmental issues make him uniquely qualified to handle the job of Minnesota State Senator. Peter Wagenius will be an outstanding representative for the people of Senate District 59, and we look forward to working with him as our newest State Senator.”

–Margaret Levin, State Director of the Sierra Club North Star Chapter

“Education is critical for our future. But we can’t take on more debt in an economy like this. We need to stop these huge tuition increases. We know Peter will fight for students like us.”

–McKayla Schmitz & Salyna Schmitz,
U of M Students

“Without Peter’s leadership, we couldn’t have rehired additional police officers and firefighters after the State cut our funding. Working off the plan Peter developed, we paid off millions in debt and then reallocated dollars to public safety. Minneapolis is a safer place because of Peter’s hard work and vigilance.”

–Don Samuels, Former 3rd Ward, now 5th Ward City Council Member, Chair of the Public Safety Committee

“Peter and I worked side by side on advancing progressive issues long before either one of us became a candidate for public office. On issues that matter — like sustainability, ethics, and social justice — Peter has repeatedly demonstrated his ability to make real, progressive change for the people of Minneapolis. He’s the one candidate in the race who has the depth of principle, policy and political know-how to be a great state senator right from the start. He’s the real deal.”

–Scott Dibble, State Senator from Minneapolis

List of Supporters

Florence & Walter Littman

Ruth Olkon

Harlan Cavert

Mary-Alice Kopf

Rachel Bowers

Clare Sorman

Robin Garwood

Tom Sengupta

Sonja Dahl

State Senator Scott Dibble

Chip Halbach

Gail & Stuart Hanson

Sean Hart & Brooke Magid-Hart

Lisa Hondros

Hussein Samatar, Minneapolis School Board

Janna Hottinger

Charles Jorgensen

Mayor R.T. Rybak

Claudia Fuentes

Kris Lafavor

George Hansen

Paul Zerby, former Minneapolis Council Member, Ward 2

Sue Warner

Andy Lee

Judy Richardson

Andy Holmaas

Roberta Swanson

Barry Clegg

Don Samuels, Minneapolis Council Member, Ward 5

Sandy Daly

Jeremy Wieland

Dan Brady

Ross Sutter

Steve Rosenberg

Tim Nomeland

State Representative Frank Hornstein

Matt Musel

Melissa Hysing

Kay Jones

Martin Phillips

Aaron Desmond

Dick & Pauline Hendrickson

Bridget & Andy Ferguson

Betsy Hodges, Minneapolis Council Member, Ward 13

Pat Larson

D.J. Leary

Caroline Schultz

Connie Letts

Lydia McAnerney

Cara Letofsky

Ann Munt

Judith Oakes

Brad Bourn, Minneapolis Park Board

Jeremy Harrill

Steve Cross

Joan Riedl

C. Ann Olson

John Orrison

Russ and Ann Peterson

Erica Prosser

Maureen Ramirez

Jason Blumenthal

Paula Ruddy

Paul Scheurer

Salyna & McKayla Schmitz

David Wheeler, Minneapolis Board of Estimate and Taxation

Bill & Jane Seely

Matthew Seltzer

Linda & Mark Goddard

Rick McCormick

Brian Malloy

John Stiles

Joy Thompson

Rosemary & Jose Velez

Linda Wilson

Joan Clarkson

John Quincy, Minneapolis Council Member, Ward 11

Cheri Desmond May

Jim Klein

Sarah Jones

Karl Krause

Richard Adams

Anders Carlson

Chris Jozwiak

Jill Schwimmer, former Minneapolis Board of Estimate and Taxation

Stephanie Zawistowski

Matt Perry

Diana McKeown

Julie Johnson

Lisa Bender

Bruce Manning

Deborah Talen

Belle Scott

Kathi Eilers

Niel Ritchie

Russ Adams

Andrea & Jim Rubenstein

Mark Mahon

Bill Dossett

Tom Braun

Felicity Britton

Gratia Reynolds

Steven Sorbel

Claire Vinocur

Nancy Kristensen

Elias Banks

Ian Rapson

Nancy Beach

Jeremy Harrill

Steve Cross

Marcia Thomas

Chris Pratt

Jonathan Palmer

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