Baloney Busting

On tax fairness

The State has failed to balance its budgets, passing its problems onto local units of government (cities, counties and schools), future legislatures, and future generations. This failure inevitably leads to property tax increases. Property taxes are not based on ability to pay. I have taken on powerful interests to fight property tax increases and will do the same at the Capitol. We need tax fairness. The solution to our budget problems comes with more revenue from those who have benefited the most from the public investments of earlier generations.

On honest budgets

Huge debts are bad for the City, too. I managed the development and adoption of the Mayor’s plan to pay down $183 million in inherited debt and then led the City’s effort to reform the broken pension system. This historic agreement did not give the City any new money. But it did provide benefit increases to police and fire retirees and prevented huge property tax increases in 2012 and beyond.

On public safety

When Governor Pawlenty slashed funding for our police, Peter worked hard with City Council Members to restore funding to add 71 police officers. We now have a historic reduction in crime. When the new Republican Legislature took away funding for over 40 firefighters, I developed and pushed the plan to save 31 firefighters. Council Members Kevin Reich and John Quincy and I found the dollars to save 4 more. Together we reduced the number of layoffs down to 6.

On clean air and water, parks and habitat

I am committed to a sustainable Minneapolis. That is why I have worked so hard for expanding transit and bike trails and it is one reason I am the only candidate endorsed by the Sierra Club. I strongly oppose Hennepin County’s push to increase garbage burning. Public agencies have a special responsibility to reduce, not increase or maintain, their air pollution.

On raising taxes for stadiums

Unlike other candidates, I will vote no on raising taxes for stadiums. I also oppose using gambling revenue which violates our Constitution. I have not taken campaign contributions from those lobbying for a stadium. The State has cut funding for our public schools, the University, health care, transportation, housing, police, parks. These are more important priorities.

Watch YouTube video of Peter speaking on this issue.

On Pensions

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