Peter Wagenius’ commitment

…To Tax Fairness

  • Our tax system is rigged against regular folks, and the wealthiest pay less and less. That has to change – in Washington and at our State Capitol.
  • Property taxes are regressive. They are not based on ability to pay. Property taxes have the greatest impacts on seniors and others on fixed incomes.
  • Peter has taken on powerful interests to fight property tax increases. He’ll do the same for us at the Capitol.

…To Honest Budgets

  • Peter developed the City’s budget plan to pay down $183 million in city debts, allowing for new funding for city streets and restoration of the City’s credit rating.
  • Peter led the City’s efforts to reform the broken “closed” pension system. This historic agreement provides benefit increases to police and fire retirees AND prevented huge property tax increases in 2012 and beyond.

…To Public Safety

  • When Governor Pawlenty slashed funding for local police, Peter pushed hard to restore funding to add 71 police officers and got the votes on the City Council. This led to today’s historic reduction in crime.
  • When the new Republican Legislature took away funding for over 40 Firefighters, Peter developed and pushed the plan to save 31 firefighters. Then he worked with Council Member Kevin Reich to find the dollars to save four more. Together they reduced the number of layoffs down to six.

…To Make sure children get a strong start in school and have the opportunity for a strong finish

  • Peter wants every child to have the same high quality Minneapolis Public Schools that he had.
  • Peter worked with children with severe behavioral problems to teach social skills and conflict resolution so they would avoid the path toward drugs and gangs
  • He will work tirelessly for early child care and optional all day kindergarten.
  • Peter was the Mayor’s lead on the merging of City and County Library systems, which led to restored library hours and stable funding.
  • He will build the coalition to restore funding for our schools and oppose “shifts” and gimmicks that rob our schools of the stability they need.

…To Build our transit system and network of bike trails so Minneapolis can grow into a sustainable city.

  • Peter has been the City’s lead negotiator for the Central Corridor LRT line, helping keep the project on track and putting thousands to work.
  • Peter took the lead in winning a million dollar competitive grant from the Obama Administration to plan transit improvements on Central Avenue through Northeast Minneapolis.
  • Peter has been the Mayor’s lead on building a record number of bike trails, leading to Minneapolis being named the #1 bike city in America.

…To Clean water and air to keep us healthy and to help keep health costs from continuing to go up

  • Peter led City efforts and coordinated with a coalition of neighborhood and environmental groups to win conversion of the Riverside Coal Plant to cleaner natural gas. Northeast can breathe easier because of this work.
  • Republicans in the Legislature are throwing up road blocks to prevent implementation of President Obama’s Affordable Care Act. Peter will strongly support Governor Dayton’s crucial work.

…To Higher Education and the Arts which grow our economy

  • Having a strong University has created countless jobs in Minnesota and in our district. Peter will fight to keep the University strong.
  • Drastic tuition increases are harming our future, because students can’t keep taking on more debt. With jobs after graduation being so scarce, we must stop the Republican attack on higher education.
  • The arts aren’t just a side effect of a strong City. The arts are a huge part of our local economy. Peter knows the affect the arts have had on his life and will continue to support the local arts community.

…To Equal Rights for All Minnesotans

  • Peter will actively campaign against the Republican’s proposed constitutional amendment that unfairly targets the GLBT community. The constitution is a sacred document. It must never be used to exploit fear or distract from Republican’s economic failures.
  • We would never have built the great American middle class without Labor Unions’ having the Right to Organize. That right is under assault across the nation and next door in Wisconsin. Peter will defend the right to organize in Minnesota with his last breath.

…To Ethics and Clean, Open Elections

  • Peter led the City’s work to create first-ever comprehensive City Code of Ethics.
  • Peter signed up to agree to voluntary campaign spending limits at the Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board